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1. NO offensive, illegal or immoral content in any mail or links to s3ch material. This
includes, but is not limited to - porn, adult material, warez, illegal downloads,
incitement to racial or sexual hatred or abuse. Keep it clean and legal.

2. NO bouncing. Members will have their accounts set to vacation mode after one
bounce Excessive bouncing will lead to account closure without refund.

3. NO replying direct to list mail or using autoresponders on either your list or contact

4. NO misleading subject lines e.g. payment notification, you've won a prize, admin mail
- you get the idea. Be creative but don't lie!

5. You agree to receive admin mail at your contact address which may contain offers of
interest. This cannot be considered spam as your membership signifies your
permission for mail to be sent.

These rules exists for the benefit of all members. YOU want people to read your mail,
please read theirs.


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Pro members - mail every other day, No waiting after vacation, Send text or HTML.

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