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Please fly the American Flag for those preserving our Freedom!

HPZSafelist wants to make sure that EVERY American flies the flag
EVERY DAY in support of our great country, our great leaders - past and
present - and in support of those fighting to preserve our freedom.
We'll even give you an American Flag for free!.

Click Here to Claim Your Free Flag

Please Email The Troops Today! Thank you, Nancy & Bob


I pledge Allegiance to the Flag, of the United States of America,
and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation under God,
indivisible, with Liberty, and Justice for all.
Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton - Version #1 (MP3 - 3MB)

Operation Iraqi Children

Actor Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump, Apollo 13) and author Laura Hillenbrand (Seabiscuit: An American Legend) announce the launch of Operation Iraqi Children, a program that will enable Americans to send school supplies and Arabic translations of Seabiscuit to Iraqi children.

The Need.
During and after Operation Iraqi Freedom, American soldiers passing through Iraqi villages were horrified at the squalor of Iraqi schools, which had been severely neglected under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. Corralled in sweltering one-room buildings without air conditioning, fans, windows, solid floors, or even toilets, Iraqi students lack even the rudimentary supplies that American children take for granted. Libraries and books are almost nonexistent. Without these basic tools of education, Iraqi children face an uphill struggle to learn. "Imagine sending your child to a school in which there are virtually no books, no pencils, no paper, no blackboards," says Hillenbrand. "This is the reality for Iraqi children. The future of the Iraqi nation is being squandered for lack of basic school supplies." Please Help: http://www.operationiraqichildren.org/

Read First Lady Laura Bush's Endorsement when visiting the site..

Thank you, Bob

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Updated on 3/26/05 Banned Safelist Email Domains
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No Autoresponders - No Racial or Hateful Messages
No Adult Oriented Message - No Replying to Members Ads
No Duplicate Accounts - No Email Blocking Filters
No Spamming List Members - No More than one Account

Banned Emails

aol.com - Atozasia - bodiesbest.com - bizoppalliance - Boxfrog -
Brightstarmail - c4 - california.com - cheekychap.co -
earlywarningguru.com - emailbox.com - email.com - excite.com -
freemail.databynet - gmx - hot-shot.com - Hotmail.com - HugeMail.com-
igli - Indiatimes - mail.com - Mail2world - MailStates.com - msn -
mybrightstar - myecom.net - post.com - Promoneymail - prontomail -
redrubyad - Rhmmg - Runbox - safelistbox.com - semarketing -
sbcglobal - themail.com - usa.com - worldsubmitter - Yahoo.com -
yahoo.ca - yahoo.co.uk - ya.com - Z - Zapo - zfee - zwallet

Yahoo.com - yahoo.ca - *NEW* yahoo.co.uk -
*NEW* ya.com - *NEW* safelistbox.com -
*NEW* earlywarningguru.com And All *HotMail.com accounts!

If you are using any of the above for your LIST ADDRESS
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Blocked Emails
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aol.com - cogeco.ca - europe.com - graffiti.net - hellokitty.com - HotPOP.com
juno.com - kuririnmail.com - mailpuppy.com - musician.org - mymelody.com
outshined.net - Phreaker.net - smithville.net - SoftHome.net - winning.com

Please do not use any email addresses from the banned
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Please take notice on these Major Changes
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Safelist Email Addresses..

FREE Members:
3 Bounces before we take action -
Delete Account Completely.

PRO Members:
5 Bounces before we take action -
Delete Account Completely.

Platinum Members:
7 Bounces before we take action -
Delete Account Completely.

These are all set automatically, so please
keep your emails clean. Thanks


We Have A No Refund Policy on Members
that brake the Rules and Do Not Comply..

You Must Obey the Rules You Signed on With,
or Be Deleted for Your Bouncing Emails..
There is a No Refund Policy in Effect that You
signed electronically to when subscribing to
our Safelist Services..

Once again Welcome, lets all work together to build our list
to one of the biggest on the net..

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Prizes, Including Credits, Membership Upgrades,
Free Advertising, etc. If you are bothered by
Admin Email, DO NOT join this list.

Happy Marketing!

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Any earning statements are strictly for advertising purposes.
We do have marketing resources that will help each individual.
As Safelist owners we offer optional opportunities.
Any individual joining our downline building club enters free.
We DO sponsor people into Referral and MLM opportunities.
We earn our living by joining our opportunities that are presented.
Any individual entering an opportunity must abide by their rules.
This disclaimer pertains to all corresponding pages on this website
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You will be filling in a membership form; all information
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Statement is, If we are directed by Law - We must abide by all
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if we are subpeonaed by the courts.

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