Pearls Of Wealth Safelists and Safelist Hosting


This list is in no way all inclusive, but you should not use the following email addresses on any safelist or safelist submitter for your list and/or contact address.

The domains below either bounce constantly, or will not accept email from safelists. If you use any of the below or other domains where the ISP blocks safelist mail, you will not receive your mail from the safelists and will be either deleted from them, be put on vacation constantly, or just won't even be able to join. Then you'll sit wondering why you're having so much trouble submitting or what could possibly be wrong with your safelist submitter memberships, but it will be your own email provider causing it!

If you signup for a safelist submitter such as this and enter any of the below domains for your list and/or contact email address, you will have difficulty joining most safelists even with autojoin, since most safelists ban these domains from signing up, and will also never properly be able to receive validation emails. On top of that, with these kinds of email domains that decide for you how they want to filter your mail whether you want them to or not, we will have difficulty communicating with you since you may not receive our replies to email!

If you need good email accounts, please signup for addresses (currently allows safelist mail BUT will sometimes put your mail into your bulk folder - if you can't find it and have gmail, look there). YUHKNOW.COM accounts are by far the most appropriate online for mailing lists if you are serious about your business! Email domains will be added here when they are found to be unreliable and/or unfriendly to business email (generate false positives with their spam filters or blacklists). - thinks your safelist mail is spam and bounces it
comcast - thinks your safelist mail is spam and bounces it - thinks practically all mail is spam and is practically impossible to even communicate with
prontomail - thinks safelist mail is spam and cuts off connection - difficult to even communicate with