WORLD UNDERGROUND Safelist Memberships Feature Comparison

Services And FeaturesPlatinumProfessional
Send Text Email To The Safelistyesyes
Send HTML Email To The Safelistyesyes
Preview HTML Email Liveyesno
Test Send Campaign To Your Own Contact Emailyesyes
Characters In Email Allowed100005000
How Often You Can Send Email24 hours48 hours
Autosend In HTML Or Text2 autosend ads sent daily for one monthno
Your Own Name Or Company Name In From Fieldyesyes
Vacation Settingyesyes
Wait After Returning From Vacation0 hours1 hours
Remove Link In Email For Automatic Vacationyesyes
How Many Allowed Hits-By-Email URLs103
Save Campaign In Mail Form Which Appears Next Time You Loginyesyes
Paid For Level 1 Platinum Referrals$10.00 paid one time$6.00 paid one time
Paid For Level 1 Professional Referrals$5.00 paid one time$2.00 paid one time
Paid For Level 2 Platinum Referrals$0.00 paid one time$0.00 paid one time
Paid For Level 2 Professional Referrals$0.00 paid one time$0.00 paid one time
Pay Dayfirst day of each monthfirst day of each month
Minimum Payoutno minimum payoutno minimum payout
Free For All Links Sectionyesyes
Update Your Own Member Account Profileyesyes
Delete Own Account From Member Areayesyes
Pricing$40.00 lifetime$20.00 lifetime

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