The Mustard Seed II Safelist Memberships Feature Comparison

Services And FeaturesPlatinumProfessionalBasic
Send Text Email To The Safelistyesyesyes
Send HTML Email To The Safelistyesyesno
Preview HTML Email Liveyesnono
Test Send Campaign To Your Own Contact Emailyesyesno
Characters In Email Allowed1000050001500
How Often You Can Send Email122472
Who Receives Your Adsall membersall professional and free members, and all platinum members who agree to receive mail from professional membersall free members, as well as platinum and professional members who agree to receive mail from free members.
Recipient Personalization In Subject And Message Bodyyesyesno
Your Own Name Or Company Name In From Fieldyesyesno
Select Number Of Recipients Yourselfyesyesno
Vacation Settingyesyesyes
Wait After Returning From Vacation6 hours12 hours24 hours
Remove Link In Email For Automatic Vacationyesyesyes
Monthly Mailing Credits Addition1000050000
Mailing Credits When You Signup1000050001500
How Many Times The Value Of A Mailing Credit You Get When You Click Itx3x2x1
Tracking URLs1240
How Many Allowed Hits-By-Email URLs520
Save Campaign In Mail Form Which Appears Next Time You Loginyesyesyes
Pay Dayfirst day of each monthfirst day of each monthfirst day of each month
Minimum Payoutno minimum payoutno minimum payoutno minimum payout
Random Winner Contests For Ads Or Banners At The Top Of Safelist Emails Or As Solo Adsyesyesyes
Random Cash Link Winnersyesyesyes
Update Your Own Member Account Profileyesyesyes
Delete Own Account From Member Areayesyesyes
Safelist Directory To Access All Your Safelists From One Areayesyesno
Pricing$15.00 lifetime$12.00 lifetimeFree

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